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Purple Wall

Painting Services

Interior walls and ceiling

Ceiling texture and knock down

Doors, trims casing and baseboards

Kitchen cabinet

and more ...

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to painting. We can help you with:

  • Interior painting for walls and ceiling

  • Exterior wood – fence, deck, gazebo, and pergola painting, and makeover

  • Interior wood – doors, windows, furniture staining and painting

  • Case and trim – door and window frames, baseboard painting

  • Textured ceiling removal

  • Concrete staining and burnishing

Paint Cans

Do not forget that interior painting can:

  • Increases the retail value of your home

  • Cover permanent marks and stains

  • Create healthier, cleaner rooms

  • Bring huge results with minimal disruption and cost

and when choosing a finish pay attention to:

  • Traffic. Busy rooms like kitchens and playrooms will benefit from more durable finishes like satin and semi-gloss, while calmer rooms like dining rooms can get away with eggshell or even flat paints.

  • Paint sheen. Paint finishes are categorized in terms of their luster, from no-shine flat finishes to very shiny high-gloss finishes. The shininess of each finish will affect the amount of light that they reflect back into the room, so if you want to try to help brighten a dim place, a slightly higher-gloss finish will do better than a matte finish.

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